The JAR Network Channels offer collections of materials, references and commentary dedicated to the non-English languages, in which we accept submissions. They bring together materials from past JAR issues, from other journals, both on and off the Research Catalogue, as well as further links and resources. The JAR Network Channels aim to offer both content and context to our work with those languages serving as dedicated points of entry.

Each JAR Network Channel is edited by a small group of people representing a specific approach to artistic research in that language and not a translation of JAR and its content. For ideas and input, please send us a message.



Estratégias curatoriais e aportes teóricos em português.

Asia Pacific Artistic Research Network

This channel is intended to both be a place where JAR’s content that is relevant to the Asia Pacific region can be highlighted, and a space where other kinds of submissions can be hosted that illustrate the diversity of artistic research practices in the region

Canal en español

Por medio de este canal, JAR busca potenciar la investigación artística (IA) o investigación creación realizada en o desde los diversos países y regiones de habla hispana, favoreciendo a la par los procesos de

Diskurse im deutschsprachigen Raum

Im deutschsprachigen Raum gibt es die verschiedensten Ansätze zur künstlerischen Forschung. Die unterschiedlichen institutionellen Kontexte in Österreich, der Schweiz und Deutschland führen darüberhinaus zu zusätzlicher Verwirrung.

Channel demo

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