Epameinondas P. Fasianos

Investigating the impact of Electroacoustic Music in Greek Culture, through a portfolio of Electroacoustic Music works which explore religious and mythological aspects of Greece

Epameinondas P. Fasianos

My research investigated the viability of various electroacoustic music compositional approaches, which were used in a series of works that explored specific relationships between real-world and abstracted sound materials, through the strategic use of pitched, melodic, and non-pitched materials (as well as specific characteristics and behaviours of those materials) as integral elements in the composition. All of the compositions were linked to Greece in various ways, either directly or symbolically. My primary goal was to present transformed aspects of Greece while exploring all of these different levels musically through electroacoustic music. Furthermore, I attempted to explore new electroacoustic music territories by embarking on a journey from real-world instrumental and concrete soundworlds based on aspects of Greek culture (religion, mythology) to abstract soundworlds. Real-world soundworlds are made up of sounds, spaces, and places that have the potential to communicate human experiences such as familiar impressions, aural images, and evocations for the listener. Abstract soundworlds that emerge from real-world ones via various transformation processes include specific sounds, spaces, and places that can be notably different from those that emerge from real-world soundworlds. My main overall goal was to develop innovative techniques and processes that explore the intersections, contrasts, connections, and discourse between the two.