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Divergent voices – Different dialogues in the artistic research project Wikiphonium

Hilde Synnøve Blix & Geir Davidsen

In this exposition we present the outlines of the artistic research project Wikiphonium, and discuss how the Bakhtinian concept of dialogue can function as a theoretical, practical and methodological approach in artistic research projects. The Wikiphonium project was an investigation into new ways of playing the euphonium and creating new music for the instrument, in close dialogue with various composers and musicians. The work contributed to the expansion of the sonic possibilities, expressions, and repertoire for brass instruments in general. Three interrelated parts together constituted the practice as artistic research: thirteen concerts and performances consisting of new works for euphonium based on experimental collaborations with composers and musicians, experimentation with the instrument's possibilities, and development of different tools enabling these developments, including a wiki with a library of sounds and notations. The exposition contributes to the general methodological discussion in the field of artistic research, illustrated through examples and experiences from the dialogic approach in the Wikiphonium project. A genuine dialogic attitude in artistic research processes enriches critical reflections embedded in the practice. Documentations of process and results together with the multimedia tool constitute a transparent and open communication of artistic practice as research.