Until 2019, JAR required all submissions to be in English. While bilingual submission could be made, it was the English language version that was reviewed.

From 1 May 2019 onwards, JAR also accepts submissions in Spanish, Portuguese and German—see here for the call.

As described in the Editorial of JAR18, this selection of languages is not to be understood in any way as a preference for some languages over others; rather, it represents a pragmatic extension of the board’s possibilities. Depending on resources, realities and interests, other languages might follow in the future.

However, while English will always remain an option for submissions to JAR, it must be stated that any other language that JAR adopts may be dropped again should JAR’s resources not allow supporting it at a point in the future. An announcement will be made well in advance should JAR change its policies.

JAR aims to translate its communications and the relevant parts of its website into the languages it supports. Please bear with us as this is in development.

Please note that the JAR Network space is open to reflections and book reviews in any language beyond those supported in the peer-reviewed section of JAR.