Anybody can send us texts to be published in this section. Please get in touch using our contact form here selecting ‘Network’ as the topic and describing your proposal briefly. We will respond as soon as possible.

Please click here to get more information about the kind of reflections we are interested in and click here for information about book reviews.

Manuscripts can be as long (or short) as necessary keeping in mind that they are to be read on the screen and, thus, resemble more blog posts than journal articles. Texts can be in any language including those not published in JAR; png/jpg images, mp3 audio and m4v video are supported. 

After receiving your manuscript, the editorial board will discuss whether or not it should be included. Since the Network space is there to represent the diversity of positions and practices of artistic research, we aim to endorse as many different perspectives as possible regardless of whether or not they coincide with JAR’s approach.

There is no peer review for publications in the Network space of JAR. Once accepted, JAR provides feedback to the author suggesting possible revisions, which need not be followed. JAR will copyedit your final manuscript.

We aim to include new materials on an ongoing basis, which will be advertised as part of new issue announcements. On publication on, each text will receive a DOI, which is shown at the bottom of each contribution as part of the ‘suggested citation’.