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IN SITU: Sonic Greenhouse. Composing for the intersections between the sonic and the built

Otso Tapio Lähdeoja, Josué Moreno Prieto, Daniel Adrian Malpica Gomez

This exposition presents and discusses a large-scale audio-architectural installation entitled "IN SITU: Sonic Greenhouse," which took place at the Helsinki City Winter Garden — or Talvipuutarha — in September and October 2016. Structure-borne audio transducers were employed to drive sound into the glass structure of the greenhouse in order to create an immersive sound experience emanating from the materiality of the building, transforming the site into a macro-scale musical instrument. Compositional strategies were developed in response to the context, emphasising the spatial dimension of composition more than the temporal and narrative ones, exploring an aural metaphor of transparency, as well as pointing towards the concepts of "sonic weather" and "sonic acupuncture." This exposition offers a reflective look at the work one year after its completion, fusing visual, audio, and textual elements to understand the piece’s aesthetic, theoretical, and experiential contributions.