Latitudinal Converstations

Don Asker and Helen Herbertson

In this project we examine the process of creating performance. 'Latitudinal Conversations' documents conversation and thoughtful reflection between two choreographers over two years. It includes periods when conversation extends into body-centred field and studio work, where thoughtful voices and bodies ‘talking’ are intertwined. It is multi-modal in form exploring the intersection of kinaesthetic, sonic (including vocalisations), and visual image data. The project takes an emergent methods approach, trusting the particular nature of the participants’ interests and curiosity to provide impetus and direction. It is an endeavour that eschews final determination and conclusions in favour of an unfolding dialogue that allows two individual perspectives to intersect and find points of differentiation and resonance. What ‘emerges’ are insights into the drivers and motivations of these particular practices, making transparent many of the tacit or underlying methods, values, and assumptions of the choreographers. The research underlines the cyclical and continuous processing of experience, thoughtful reflection and awareness, and potential for action in the future. In this process notions of embodiment and the capacity of the situated body to kindle metaphors are reappraised.