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Additive Photography

Ives Maes

Since the invention of photography, there have been numerous hybrid experiments between photography and sculpture that testify to a continuous influence of sculpture on photography and vice versa. In my own visual work, I am researching the physical, sculptural and architectural aspects of photography. I am analysing a number of historical experiments, from the 16th century camera obscura pavilion to 21st century digital processes, which I apply to my artistic practice. A particularly important example is the photosculpture process of François Willème. In the late 1850s, he aimed at reproducing sculpture with the help of photography, creating a distinctive union between the two media. His method to extrude sculptures from photographs laid the ground principles for the 3D scanner and printer. In this exposition I bring to the fore how the work of Willème propelled its significant influence towards today, and how it inspired me to create new visual work. At the same time, this experience constitutes an exemplary case study on how theoretical research can steer the creation of visual research.