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This is JAR’s tenth peer-reviewed issue. We are massively proud of having made it this far, but also grateful to the many artists and researchers across the globe who have been supporting the project by submitting their expositions of practice as research, by acting as peer-reviewers or – as members of the Society for Artistic Research – by supporting us in general. A big Thank You to all of you. On a more personal level, I would also like to say Thank You to my colleagues past and present on the Editorial Board and the representatives of the Society for Artistic Research: all of you have made sure that we have remained positive, self-critical and supportive of each other. In particular, I would like to thank Barnaby Drabble for his work as Managing Editor during the last years. While I am sad that Barnaby will step down from this role, I am happy to report that he will continue his work on the Editorial Board.Click here to Read More

The expanded cinema performance ‘Palestinian Wildlife Series’ parallels posthuman and postcolonial circumstance, using appropriated imagery of African animals shot directly from a television set in Palestine.Chronicling the experimentation and process that went into this work of ‘animal-video choreography’, the author interweaves research on Palestine, materialist film, and Afrofuturist thought.

This work is an attempt to combine the fields of architecture, critical theory, and literature. It deals with the question of how an architectural artefact develops its meaning within a larger discourse through its image, and how this relates to the everyday life of the physical space of the artefact...

Abstract This exposition deals with narcissism, narrativity, self-portraiture, and photography. It illustrates a practice-based research project instigated in 2007 that aims to decode and recover narcissism as a useful sense-making scenario or system. This approach can help make sense of photography and self-portraiture in the present

This exposition considers the use of mycology and chance operation as a method and material for arts-based research. The exposition details a series of mushroom hunting excursions designed to engage four artist-teachers in collaborative dialogue about their practice and identity. As participant and researcher converse, the hunts unfold as dérive-like encounters with a landscape interrupted through chance and embodied experience...

The recent enthusiasm for gestures of hospitality in contemporary art promises relief from the individualising forces of neoliberal capitalism and the professionalised hierarchies of the art world. Yet, Jacques Derrida describes the gesture of hospitality as paradoxically asserting a kind of sovereignty that underwrites the 'right to host', returning hospitality to the conditionality of the authorising institution. In settler-colonial territories...

'Place setting: notes on Red76's Occupy Yr. Home' is a collaborative piece of writing between Heath Schultz and Sam Gould, primary organiser of the artist group Red76. The piece doubles as a critical review of the Red76 project 'Occupy Yr. Home' – a facilitated conversation in a participant's home around the themes of ...