Come noto, in seguito alla riforma avviata dal Bologna Process (1999), in Europa i Conservatori e le Accademie di Belle Arti, Danza e Arte drammatica hanno assunto lo status di Istituzioni di Alta Formazione di livello universitario. In questo quadro, le istituzioni italiane AFAM sono chiamate ad esprimere non solo una capacità didattica di eccellenza ma, in prospettiva, anche una attività

What is artistic research? Julian Klein

Sorry, the question is wrongly put, Good Man (1978). We should ask, when is research artistic? But let us start from the end.


According to the UNESCO definition, research is “any creative systematic activity undertaken in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge about humanity, culture and society, and the

Fictioning a performance Tero Nauha

In 2015 I started a project with two non-digital devices — a vinyl-record turntable and Theremin — in a performance lecture. One of the first presentations took place at the Deleuze and Artistic Research (DARE) conference held at the Orpheus Institute in Ghent, November 2015. Since then I have experimented with these devices in both academic conferences, such as TAPRA in Bristol and

Foreword. 1-9

1. Drawing can be considered a form of mark making.

2. Drawing can also be thought as a practice that implies a material or immaterial gesture, an idea that is thrown onto the world—exceeding the paper, the wall, or any other surface or space that it might occupy.

3. In that sense, drawing could be considered performative, as the process of performing an idea, which becomes a gesture

At a seminar organised in Helsinki a few years ago Janneke Wesseling referred to artistic research as a mode of speculative thought, which immediately inspired me to insist on artistic research as a form of speculative practice. That said, it is of course hard to imagine an artistic practice without thought. A few weeks later I had the opportunity to participate in a conversation